The Clearing

The Clearing Acupuncture

The Clearing

The Clinic

The Clearing Wellness Center is located in Northeast Portland, Oregon, and offers the full spectrum of Traditional Chinese Medical treatments, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping/gua sha, massage, and dietary counseling.  We opened our doors in 2010 and are proud to offer highest quality medical care to the Portland community.

The Staff

Our staff includes Oregon Medical Board licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Katie Stem, the director of The Clearing Wellness Center. Read more about our staff here.

The Name

In the 1830’s and 40’s, the place where Portland now stands was known to the settlers and trappers of the Oregon Country as “The Clearing”.  By the 1850 census, the town (then officially known as Portland) was the largest settlement in the Pacific Northwest, with 821 residents.  The unique geography of the area allowed passage of ships that could not navigate to older towns nearby, and quickly made Portland the important commercial and cultural center that we know and love.  We hope that by creating a space in your life for health and balance, you will see the effects grow in a similarly impressive way.

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